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 Merak Systems Corporation 

MERAK has been developing solutions that meet our client's unique needs, since 1994. Many of the custom software products developed in the early years are still supporting critical business operations, and MERAK has been there every step of the way, supporting infrastructure upgrades, adding features as new opportunities are identified, and integrating our products with external systems that handle more standardized business functions. We pride ourselves in delivering products that solve business problems on time and on budget.  


We work with our clients to define system, business and user needs and provide solutions that will satisfy technology and business objectives. Common benefits our clients see as a result of the solutions we build and customize for them include:


  • Increased security,
  • Increased productivity and efficiency,
  • Decrease in expenses,
  • Minimized user and mathematical errors,
  • Common area for housing information, and
  • Environmentally friendly solutions.