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Ringette Equipment Includes:
-CSA approved helmet & ringette face mask
-BNQ approved neck protector
-elbow pads
-protective gloves
-shoulder pads
-hip/tailbone/genital protection (girdle & 'Jill')
-shin guards with hard knee protection
-hockey/ringette skates (no picks)
-uniform jersey (jersey for games supplied by GRA)
-hockey/ringette pants (provincial players must wear ringette pants)
-ringette stick
-mouth guard (U7 and up)

Helmet Sizing

Click here to view our helmet sizing chart.

Goalie Equipment (extras or different):
-goal pads (supplied by GRA)
-chest protector
-goal stick
-gel glove, ringette blocker or trapper (gel glove supplied by GRA)

Goalie Equipment Optional:
-goal skates
-arm pads
-CSA approved goalie mask
-plastic throat protector