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 Use of City Facilities 

Use of City Facilities

03 Dec, 2017, Sunday
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Good Afternoon:

First of all I do hope your respective organizations are back into the swing of ice season.  Each of your organizations provides such important services to the youth in our community. 

The community centres that you and your customers use are often multipurpose…meaning people use these facilities for many different reasons especially the West End Community Centre and the Victoria Road Recreation Centre.  As often happens, and this year is no different, we receive complaints about “teams” using the hallways for warmups.  We understand that coaches like to have a warm up and we understand that the children are excited. 

However, we must manage the expectations of all of our customers. 

Thus, could you please inform your coaching staff and all others who should know, that running in the corridors of recreation facilities will not be permitted.  Individuals or teams will be asked to “stop” if this is observed by facility staff.

If your organization has a communication mechanism for coaches and parents, I would be more than pleased to provide a message for this mechanism.  However, at minimum could I please ask that you alert your participants, especially coaches, to the “no running in the corridors” message.  Together we have to be respectful to all patrons of our recreation facilities.


Could I also ask that you inform our arena users to use the back lot of the WECC.  Again, this is another issue with some of our patrons who do not use the arena but use the other parts of the facility closer to the main entrance.


Thank you for alerting your customers, and, staff will be speaking to teams and/or individuals who are not abiding by this one rule beginning December 1st.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  I appreciate that this is not an easy challenge to mitigate but hopefully together we can make a difference and ensure the safety of all who use the facility.


Take Care,


Lynne Briggs

Manager-Recreation Services

Parks and Recreation, Public Services

City of Guelph



p-519-822-1260 ext. 2683