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 GRA Most Liked Facebook Team Challenge 

GRA Most Liked Facebook Team Challenge

30 Jan, 2016, Saturday
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Exciting news for the Guelph Ringette Association members!


We are bringing back the most liked Facebook challenge for the 2018 Annual Guelph Ringette tournament. One lucky(and Facebook friendly) GRA member can win next years membership fee and all it will take is a lot of Facebook friends and a little luck. 

The GRA is looking to make a big splash in Social Media during the upcoming annual ringette tournament.  We want you to Facebook, Tweet, Share with all of your friends and help us promote the great game of ringette and our organization. 

We will be posting game times for all teams and the team that receives the Most Likes will be featured on the GRA website with the caption "Most Liked Guelph Predators Team". Last year it was the U8 Guelph Predators team that was the most like Guelph Predator team on Facebook. This year it may be your team.

The GRA Executive has decided to make it easier for you to win a free membership for next season by dropping the number of average Likes to 25 for each player on their team. That's right, if your team receives an average of more than only 25 Likes per player for posts of your games, you will be put in a draw to receive a free membership for next year.


Here is how it is going to work.


2 Hours before each game of the round robin (max 4 games), a game posted will be put on Facebook along with your team's sponsor link. For teams not playing or teams that don't have 4 games, we will add special posts to our Facebook page. 

You will need to get all of your friends to Like the GRA post of your game. The number of Likes on the 4 GRA posts (including shares) will be counted for your team. If the team can get an average of 25 Likes for each player over the 4 posts, all players on the team will be put into a draw to win next year's membership fee.

If your team receives the most Like on your 4 post, you will be the "Most Liked Guelph Predator Team"

The challenge will be over at 10:00PM on Sunday when the Likes will be counted and the Most Liked Guelph Predators Team will be announced.



Here's how you can get more Likes for your team.


Let all your friends know 

    - Which team you are on. There will be many posts go up and they need to know which one to like 

    - This is helping support your player "without fund raising"

    - This is for a free registration.

    - They need to like the GRA post or a share of the post

    - They can come out an watch your game and cheer them on.

Ask all your friends to

     - Like the GRA FaceBook page before the tournament weekend so they will get all of the posts

     - Share your posts with all of their friends and ask their friends to share it

     - Repost links to post on other social media sites, make sure you remind them to like the GRA post on Facebook

You should     

    - Tell all your friends immediately so they can be prepared for the tournament weekend. 

    - Remind all of your friends the night before your first game.

    - Share your game posts, include your favorite part of the game (win or lose) so your friends feel they are Liking your players participation and not the results of the game.

    - Comment on your game result including your favorite part of the game to increase the chances your friends see the post

    - Cross social media with links to post. Makes sure you remind them to like the GRA post and not your share

    - Post pictures of the games with links to the GRA post and ask for likes on the GRA post.

    - Write FaceBook posts during the tournament with links to game posts. 

    - Ask your team sponsor to participate in the Challenge and let them know their web page will be advertised on the post

    - Get your whole family involved, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles everyone.

    - Make announcements at school so your school friends will know or tell them personally.

    - Ask your colleagues at work to help out and get in on the fun.  

    - Talk to your opponents and ask them to like you. Remember "competitors on the ice,friends off"


The fine print

- Only one membership fee will be raffled off for this challenge so if more than 1 team exceeds an average of 100 Likes per player all player on those teams will be put into the same draw.

- The prize does not include any fund raising requirements associated with registration.

- The Likes must be on the GRA Facebook post or shares of the post